Fever Bridge

by Frances Smith



released December 31, 2016

All songs written by, all vocals sung by, all instruments played by, and all production done by Frances Smith



all rights reserved


Frances Smith UK

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Track Name: Fever Bridge
I passed beyond the turnstile
where I saw the tall grasses dance
with the wind they were swaying
in the gentle arms of the air

And the winner was the old day
that had left us both behind
and there it hung in a memory
that would change it all around

And there was love beside the thorn tree
it was almost made of straw
and I heard the river call the lonely
and I saw you walk over Fever bridge

Free of dreams
and free of reasons
free of part of all you were
free to run, free to stand
there you were on Fever bridge

And you passed beyond the melting
sun that sunk into the earth
it was the mother of the ocean
and caressed the ground around

Repeat chorus x 2

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: Faithful
There were shades of orange
laid across the earthen floor
and I danced my way along
where the barest branches blocked
and they hung like days to come
though they were shaken by the wind
and the willingness of wood to yield
and then, not to give

And I breathed for a while
as the older world arose
and claimed back what I stole
and it said faithful is what I am
it made you weak it made me strong
it made me tall, it made you small
and I am always faithful
I am always faithful

There was shimmering sunlight
given by the sky and fire
it's flames that's what it is
and the stone walls were grey
I was making smaller gifts
to give to the kindred strayed
from the path and found
there was nothing left at all

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Oil
The seeds were crushed and oil
was yellow it was gold
it was black and it was brown
was the winter was the sun
and I slipped into the house
where he served the god of war

Electric lights shine bright
and the currency was changed
they said it's always been the same
and that all we need is oil
it was yellow, it was gold
it was black and it was brown

Where the greater was much less
the wooden table was set out
and silver shone the knives
like the pool of tears in his eyes
and he was digging for some oil
oh he was digging for some oil

And I was love and he was lost
and I was the last and he was left
and I was looking for some oil
yes I was looking for some oil

Repeat chorus

And it was yellow, and it was gold
it was black and it was brown
was the winter was the sun
in the streets of past decay
where I was looking for some oil
oh I was looking for some oil

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: Morning
There is dark and then light
there was day and then night
there was sleep and then waking
and shaking and fear
of all that the morning contains
in the long dance that brings
out the sellers and buyers
and I was waiting in the corner
and he said he'd be stronger
and there was the sky
and the clouds and the air

There was change and the same
there were chains and more chains
there was sun that was rising
and breaking through the horizon
and if only the morning
brought back the same day
but it just brings the light haze
and confusion and loss
and I said I'd be stronger
and there was the sky
and the clouds and the air

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: West Of Here
West of here there is a town
and tonight the sun goes down
once I met you there, and now
I talk, you talk, but I don't know
where to go, and I'm on my own
and those clouds move across the sky

West of here the ocean lies
and salt is mined, is cried, and dried
is the way you move beside
the waves are wild, and wild, and wild
I'm hearing that you did survive
and the clouds move across the sky

Where the lantern light is chained
to the building down the lane
you moved around the closing doors
there's locks that leave you left outside
and you love the night, you love the night

West of here is nothing else
I went as far as I could go
ran and hid and ran again
and the noise begins to fade
as on those dark clouds we ride and ride
seems like on those dark clouds we ride and ride
yeah we ride and ride
oh we ride and ride

Repeat first verse

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: The River Ran Dry
Loved the old love
it was good and kind
we were climbing up the mountain
leaving nothing behind

Loved the gold dreams
that lived inside our minds
we were children on the road to fortune
and we were doing fine

And I said the rain won't fall
and we saw no clouds above
and you said the storms won't come
and we heard no thunder roar
and we were wrapped safe in love
and feared no bad weather at all
but the sun had shone so long
that the river ran dry
it wasn't that we didn't try
it was just that the river ran dry

And if the road was straight
we walked along it
and if the way was clear
we ran into it

And we missed the blinding light
that said things were not all right
and we missed the end of love
because we saw nothing at all

Repeat chorus

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: The Whisper
This is where the whisper came
riding on the back of pain
I thought I heard her heard her thoughts
but she was quiet in the woods
where the rustling leaves still sang

This is where the whisper lay
it was a good friend of decay
thought I was her was her voice
and all the credit lost was just
emptied across the wood

Where I saw the whisper wait
oh, the future it just came too late
all the talk is talked again
and all unheard is whispered then
and this is where the whisper came

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: Reculver Beach
Half a moon had come
but the tide covered the sand
and the waves were high and low
that's how they go, that's how they go

Reculver beach has been
changing and changed again
and yet it's still the same
Reculver beach know's not my name

Have to watch the boats
they are free as free can be
when they are trapped upon the sea
and the beach is land and see

Reculver beach has been
constant and true and used
and yet always it remains
Reculver beach knows not my name

And I am changed and changed again
but Reculver beach it is the same
and the sea knows no one's name
what Reculver beach knows is unknown
Reculver beach, Reculver beach
Reculver beach knows no one's name

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: Safe Passage
The passenger arrived
he was almost still alive
the shattered glass behind
caught by the island's time
he laid the wish in line
washed in a dust refined
he played upon her mind
she was silver, she was shining

The error was unearthed
and upon his face he cursed
the cruelty of the worsening
weather and there was ice
that glazed the street and turned
the lights hung on the trees
and he could not catch her
she was slipping on the curve

And safe passage carried him
into the evening's stronger wind
he was washed along the roads
and there he goes, there he goes

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: Deeper Love
You gave enough to keep me chained
and I played along I liked the game
and snow and ice and frost and cold
were clinging to our empty souls

and though we walked and talked and claimed
to feel the same our thoughts had changed

And now I need a deeper love
I have to dream to make a dream
alive and real, and not left to fail
and I need a deeper love
oh I need a deeper love

We kept the fragments of the glass
gave thanks for what was left and less
and I was hardly there at all
with you outside behind the wall

your body was laid outside for me to touch
but I could not feel you there at all

Repeat chorus

The phantom walks
across the scene
meets the midnight
dark serene
says love is deep
it reaches in to
places we have never been

Repeat chorus

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: Forever
Temporary needs were met
by the darkness he had left
he watched the dawn and heard the call
and said morning has come too soon
and even dreams cost too much
you will see her in the flesh
and then she'll say the end is best
and then you'll know
forever didn't live here long

I built the walls, I made the doors
I dug the earth, I drank the rain
I fell deep into the pit of love
but forever it left just the same

January feels the shame
when the dancing bridge finds chains
around her lovely arms, and he had trapped the wild
in the forest trees grow old
their roots are spreading far
and every bird that ever flew
across the sky will land somewhere
again the change is trying to come
resist it all and you will fall

Repeat chorus

Copyright Frances Smith @2016
Track Name: Odda's Chapel
He walked to Odda's chapel
late one night
the air saw him depart
the wind saw him arrive
the rain saw him alive
and the stars saw only clouds

He walked to Odda's chapel
late one night
the birds heard his steps
the fox heard his words
the wolf heard him call
and the bells were still and cold

He walked to Odda's chapel
late one night
the walls are made of stone
the grass is made to grow
the graves are made to enclose
and the night is made with out light

Copyright Frances Smith @2016