from by Frances Smith



Barriers built their way around him
he'd lived beneath the burning bridge
that carried cars across the mouth
oh those drivers go so fast

And he could be the better brother
when the other was sunk low
and he could be the unloved lover
when he was living underground

Over there was the doorway
where he'd watched the fallen man
as he lay, and lay, and lay
and the rain had painted Silvertown

The window had been shattered
last night, and he had touched
the wild man in his anger
and felt the heat, the heat, the heat

I am living underground now
he told the woman counting change
she dropped a little and she lost it
as it rolled, and rolled,and rolled

I thought one day I'd go to China
but one day it never came
I was hidden from the night's worst
but the best won't find me underground

And then he left the closing clubland
it was later than it had been
he heard the soft roar of the traffic
as he walked, and walked,and walked

Copyright Frances Smith @2016


from Saint Unknown, released November 27, 2016



all rights reserved


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