from by Frances Smith



Looser hung the chains
and innocence was set free
she wore the sweetest of her beads
and chased the smiles of passers by

And I was braver by the time
I passed the demarcation line
where she fell, she fell, she fell
oh innocence you were unkind

The barriers were reinforced
and the laws were broken in the crush
as people drank to life and change
that came and drowned those left

And I was braver by the time
I'd reached the unfinished line
drawn and undrawn and drawn
oh broken you were unkind

And I was braver by the time
I'd wandered to the end defined
where she lay, she lay, she lay
oh endings you are so unkind

Copyright Frances Smith @2016


from Saint Unknown, released November 27, 2016



all rights reserved


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